A Ready Reckoner for libraries.

We are very lucky to have some of the best minds in the field of library education in the country, guide us, as we, at Aripana, take baby steps towards helping schools and communities set up libraries.

We make it a point to read something new everyday and today turned several times brighter for me as I stopped to turn the pages of a compendium of articles on library education and settled on an article by Usha Mukunda – A library up in the mountains! This is a must read for anyone who finds herself at the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of libraries and library education.

Usha’s words danced a rainbow colored dance in my mind all day long that day! Her language, so simple. The clarity throughout the article, so welcome!

So this is what I immediately did! I decided to make a poster of sorts, of the 7 guiding points elaborated by Usha in her article, that are sure to take one in the right direction on the journey of building libraries! And I made it in Hindi too, so that our team could share it widely in our neck of the woods, with teachers and with the community libraries of Mithila.

The link to the whole article is here. But if you wish to have a quick and colorful ready reckoner for the same, then here it is.


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