Education Programs

Aripana School Improvement Program

School Support Program

Our School Support Program supports children studying in some of the most under-resourced government schools in North Bihar, as well as other critical stakeholders in education such as teachers, head teachers, cluster-resource center coordinators, education officials, parents & communities, to bring about qualitative and sustainable improvements in school- education, in the region. Know more.  

Library Program

The Aripana Library Program aims to support schools and communities in creating vibrant libraries, not just as a collection of age appropriate, child friendly and stimulating books, but as creative spaces for children to read, dialog, discuss, reflect on their reading and engage with books. We also support teachers to become better library practitioners , equipped with strategies with which to encourage engagement of children with the text.

Maithili Books for Children

Sustainability Education

Children's educational experiences rarely provide them opportunities for deep engagement with the natural world or even their immediate environment. We believe the sphere of education must expand to include sustainability thinking and environmental education. This program helps students engage all their senses, step out into the world to connect with communities, biodiversity and the rest of their immediate environment. Know more.

Nature Education Darbhanga
Aripana Education Fellowship

Fellowship Program

The Aripana Education Fellowship offers an opportunity for socially committed graduates and post-graduates, as well as working professionals from diverse fields, to contribute to social change. It offers opportunities to learn deeply about the public education system in our country and contribute towards its improvement. The two year Fellowship places Fellows in select govt. schools, as part of our School Support Program, where they not only engage regularly with children and teachers, but also with the community and education functionaries. It also offers coaching/mentoring to enhance personal effectiveness, leadership qualities, communication skills.

Supporting Use of Mother Tongue (Maithili) in Education

Project Lemon-Choos

Project Lemon-Choos is dedicated to creating and making available quality child’s literature in Maithili – a language of North Bihar, foremost on many a children’s tongue, yet struggling to hold its own against other socially and politically dominant languages. In addition to creating original works in Maithili, the project also involves translations of some of the choicest works in children’s literature from across the world, into Maithili. We hope Maithil children savour these books, much like the Lemon Choos we all savored as children. Know More

Maithili Children Books
Maithili Google Input Tool

Developing Open Source
Maithili Input Tool

Languages are important for preserving the Cultural Identity of peoples and communities. When a language disappears, traditional knowledge and cultural heritage are also lost along with it. Aripana collaborated with Pratham Storyweaver and AI4Bharat, on a project supported by Google's AI for Social Good to develop an Open-source Input Tool, specifically for Maithili.