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Shiksha Samād: Issue 02

We are delighted to present Issue 02 of Shiksha Samād, Aripana Foundation’s quarterly newsletter. Half of the July-August-September quarter, schools continued to remain shut. It was around 16th of August, that schools reopened and gave our work a new boost and energy. We hope schools don’t have to shut again and all of us, by being responsible and cautious are able to avoid the devastating situation that was the Covid second wave. Here is to good health and a joyful festive season.

Do write to us at contact@aripanafoundation.org if you have feedback or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. To read past issues of Shiksha Samād, visit here.

Presenting, Shiksha Samād 02.

Annual Report

We are delighted to bring to you our Annual Report 2020-21 and share highlights of our journey with you.

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