Team Lemonchoos

Illustrated by Bindia Thapar

Pradip Bihari

Maithili Translation Expert, Project Lemon-Choos

Location: Madhubani, Bihar.

A theatre aficionado, actively involved in acting, writing and directing plays, Pradip ji is a writer, proficient in Maithili, Hindi and Nepali with several published works to his credit, original and translated. He is the recipient of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award, 2007 for his collection of short stories, ‘Sarokar’.

Colonel P M Jha (Retd.)

Managing Trustee

Colonel Jha completed his medical training from Ranchi Medical College and joined the Indian Army in 1984. During his tenure he served across multiple locations in the country, including the Northern, North-Eastern and the Western border regions; as well as in the Middle-East, on deputation. Throughout his career, he also continued to provide voluntary medical services to unreached communities of North Bihar.

After 31 years of distinguished service in the Armed Forces, his passion for and understanding of public health in rural India, especially Bihar, led him to co-found Aripana Foundation, where he presently serves as the Managing Trustee and the Director of its Public Health vertical.

Kumar Vikramditya

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Location: Saharsa, Bihar

Kumar Vikramaditya is an assistant teacher, at Sri Nav Kumar High School Lagma, Sonbarsa, Saharsa.  He graduated with a B.Sc Honors in Zoology and went on to pursue an M.Sc in Geography, M.Sc Zoology, a B.Ed, M.Ed from Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi and additionally cleared the UGC’s N.E.T. (National Eligibility Test) in 2013.  He has been teaching for over a decade and is guest faculty at the college of teacher education, Saharsa, Bihar.

Bhaskar Jha

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Bhaskar is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. He has translated A day at the park, My little garden, Colours of nature and Sona’s smart nose (English Level 1 to 3 books), into Maithili.

Bhaskar graduated from NIIT, Jamshedpur and presently works in the IT sector. He enjoys playing music on the synthesiser.

Swati Suman

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Swati is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. She has translated Grandma’s glasses, an English Level 2 book, in Maithili.

Swati graduated from IIBS, Bangalore with an MBA in HR and presently serves as Human Resources Administrator at Quantela, Inc. Swati enjoys singing and participating in activities like cycling, trekking and running.

Ashutosh Jha

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Ashutosh Jha is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. He has translated Ammu’s Puppy, The Ant and the Green Mung Bean, The Grand Patch-up, My Best Friend and Gulli’s Box of Things, English Level 1, 2 and 3 books into Maithili.

He graduated from the Cambridge Institute of Technology, Ranchi with a B.Tech in Computer Science and currently works in the IT sector.

Ashutosh enjoys singing and has several live singing performances and recordings to his credit. He is skilled at bringing together like minded people and executing various activities and projects like storytelling for children, cycling in the city, trekking etc.

Pratyush Anand

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Pratyush is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. He has translated My Balwadi, Pishi and I, Samira’s awful lunch, The red raincoat, Going to a wedding
(English Level 1 to 3 books) in Maithili.

Pratyush graduated from IIT, Delhi with a Masters in Computer Technology and presently works as Linux Runtime Lead for AI Accelerator at Qualcomm.

Pratyush likes to cycle, run and trek. He is passionate about literature, especially Maithili literature.

Reena Mishra

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Reena Mishra is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. She has translated Rumniya, What does Anu see, Bath time for Chunnu Munnu, I want that one! (English Level 1 to 3 books) into Maithili.

Reena graduated from IIIT Kolkata and works in the IT sector.

Gaurav Thakur

Translator, Project Lemon-Choos

Gaurav is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. He has translated Today I am!, Didi’s colourful treasure, I can help, Going home (English Level 1 to 3 books), into Maithili.

Gaurav graduated from East Point College of Engineering and Technology and is currently with Oracle Financial Services Software. Gaurav is closely involved in activities of Babujeeka Library, a one of its kind library of Maithili literature and community centre in Darbhanga.

Vikas Vineet Jha

Voice Over Artist, Project Lemon Choos

Vikas Vineet Jha is volunteer, Project Lemon-Choos. He has lent his voice to the audio version of Project Lemon Choos books, thus, bringing them alive in a different way.

Vikas is administrator at Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata. His passion lies in theatre and he is part of several theatrical productions. He enjoys singing, storytelling and working with children. Vikas is also involved in activities of several NGOs working in Bihar.